Exterior items CAT-type tourniquet Trauma shears Tourniquet + shears holster 5.11 Patch for flashlight and pen Tactical pen MTP-6 SWAT Flashlight Molle attachments SWAT Knife You can find the pouch here, but is currently out of stock... search for IFAK pouch rip away from other brands. You can find...

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You're not sure if the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen is worth the price tag?In this article, I will visit the key features of the Gerber Pen to help you decide if it is for you.At The Atomic Bear, we design, make and sell tactical pens. We've designed 4 tactical pens...

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Are you prepared for the next food supply breakdown? If the groceries close, how would you and your family do? A virus outbreak, storm that destroy major roads or a panicking population is all you need to threaten your ability to feed your family. You are asking: how much food...

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