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5 Tips for Disaster Prepping if You Have Kids

January 11, 2018 2 min read

Prepping for yourself and another adult is one thing, but if you’ve got kids, you have a special set of guidelines to consider. Little ones might not appreciate a sense of urgency, following instructions, and stay focused as much as adults do, so knowing how to prepare and what to expect will make emergencies less stressful.

Knowing how to be prepared for a disaster or emergency is something kids should learn from a young age. Whether you live in tornado alley, an earthquake zone, the country, or a city, your kids should learn basic survival skills, and you should know how to prepare them. Coming up with an emergency plan, as well as the supplies your family need during an emergency, are crucial. Follow the training videos on our website for tips, and be sure to check out our online store!

The Atomic Bear has five tips you should know when it comes to helping kids prepare for disasters and emergencies.

Tip #1) Talk about what to do in a disaster. You don’t have to frame this plan as a disaster plan, necessarily, but you do want them to know what to do in case there’s an emergency. For example, if they’re at school or at a friend’s house, they should know where to go, who to call, and how to get to your meeting point if you become separated.

Tip #2) Take their growth into consideration. Make sure you have clothing that fits now and some that will fit several months from now, and the same goes for diapers. Babies and toddlers will have evolving dietary needs, and you may have to stock up on baby formula if you’re expecting or if your child is still very young.

Tip #3) Take a look at your first aid kit. Most of them are targeted to adults, which isn’t helpful to little ones. Buy baby pain and cold medicine, child-friendly thermometers, and child-size supplies. Be sure to include a few comfort items to help distract them while they’re being tended to as well.

Tip #4) Kids need to be entertained. Remember, you might be cooped up in a home or car for several days. Kids get bored pretty quickly, so make sure you have entertainment on hand that doesn’t require electricity to operate. Toys, books, games, and art supplies will go a long way!

Tip #5) Remind them that they are safe. Despite the scary circumstances, they need reassurance from their parents that everything will be all right. So when you’re discussing your plans and potential emergencies, as well as going through them, be sure they know they will be well cared for and safe.

To learn more about prepping for you and your family, as well as survival skills and self-defense, We also offer a range of survival and prepping products to make sure you’re ready to go.