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A Man Saved a 4-Month-Old Baby Locked in a Car Using His Tactical Pen

May 11, 2018 2 min read 2 Comments

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A Phoenix Arizona man leaped to the rescue when managers at a Home Depot were at a loss to help a woman with her car locked in the store’s parking lot with a baby inside. After hearing from a colleague that someone had locked their car with the keys inside, Brian Lamb rushed outside to find four people around the locked vehicle scratching their heads, not knowing what to do. A store employee tried to pick the lock by using a stiff piece of wiring, however, this strategy seemed too time-consuming. Lamb proposed a faster solution, using the tactical pen he recently

purchased from The Atomic Bear’s website. ͞”You will not have a window–it’s going to be gone!͟” said the quick thinker. The mom answered, “I don’t care, just please get to my child.”

After pulling his tactical pen from his apron, Lamb simply hit the car’s rear driver’s side window. “It was just like butter,” said Lamb. “I got a few scratches on my hand, but it was worth it.”

Mom had a new vehicle where, if the keys are taken out, and the doors are shut, all the doors are systematically locked. The mom inadvertently put the keys and other items, including her phone, in the back seat with the 4-month-old child. When she closed all the doors, the vehicle secured itself mechanically. Since the woman’s phone and keys were in the car, it was impossible to call OnStar to unlock the vehicle.

A few moments after opening the car, the child was rescued from the car and was sweating profusely. According to Jan Null from the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at San Jose State University, on average, 37 children die from vehicular heatstroke every year in the USA alone, with most deaths happening from May through September. When the temperature is 90 F outside, it can take less than 1 hour to increase the temperature in the car to over 130 F.

“Situations like this can happen at any time and to anyone,” said Jeff Truchon, owner of The Atomic Bear. “I feel very proud that one of our products prevented this child from becoming a statistic” concluded Truchon.

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