Episode 5: Matt and Jeff reveal survival hacks that you can easily app | The Atomic Bear
By: Jean-François Truchon 17/01/2019

In this episode Matt and Jeff share some of their survival hacks.



Matt Hack No 1: Using a Pencil Sharpener to Make Tinder



Jeff's Hack No 1: The World most useful and simplest home made mini stove

(supporting short video)

Products used in this video:

Cobra Survival Bracelet

SWAT Knife

Quickfire Firestarter solid fuel

Methanol and denaturated ethanol are good options as a liquid fuel

(LONG VERSION: to get the full story! 24 minutes of funny English!)

Matt's Hack No 2: Can you start a fire with a gum wrapper and... a AA battery??


Jeff's Hack No 2 : Starting a Fire on the Snow at 0F Using a Piece of Plastic

 Want to buy a Fresnel lens? Click here

Want to know how a Fresnel lens works? Click here to read on Wikipedia

(from Wikipedia: 1 Fresnels lens 2 traditional lens)

Fresnel lenses have the same magnifying properties as a traditional lens but using a lot less material. The are much thinner and lighter. The lens used in this video is made of acrylic. 

(source: wikipedia)

They were first developed and used on lighthouses, but have applications in many areas like in aircraft carriers landing systems

(source Wikipedia USS Dwight D. Eisenhower )

Matt's Hack No 3: Starting a fire using a 12 V car battery and a pencil!

Jeff's Hack No 3: Making a Fishing Lure and Hook from a Can of RedBull(R)

You want to cut different shape and color of lure. Some will be more effective than others! It is a really cheap way to make lures ;-) You an also use an old credit card where the reflective security part can also attract your fish.

By Jean-François Truchon


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