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The MTP6: Multi-Tool Tactical Pen with Flashlight

▶ THE WORLD MOST LOADED PEN – The MTP-6 combines the most needed EDC tools in one sturdy, well designed, well crafted compact tactical pen. You’ll find: a two modes...
$29.99 $24.99

REBEL - Your Tactical and Practical Self Defense Tool

The REBEL tactical pen is a serious tool. Use its tungstene carbide tip to escape from crashed car, to save a baby from heatstroke, or to defend yourself against an...

SWAT Pen - The Tactical Pen that Can Take a Beating

Are you frustrated to see your self-defense weapons prohibited in a growing number of locations? It is still a dangerous world. This is why every smart citizen needs to carry...

Defender Pen Tactical and Practical For Everyday Carry

NEW THE DEFENDER PEN - Sturdy ballpoint pen + self-defense and glass breaker + touch screen stylus TOUGH AS NAILS - Aircraft-grade aluminum body, hard tungsten business end, durable mesh...