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The Bear Bivy : An Emergency Reusable Sleeping Bag You Need

Be Prepared to Survive The Bear Bivy won’t add weight, and will help you stand up in the most dangerous survival situations over and over. Best lightweight tool to prepare...

SWAT Knife - Your EDC Pocket Knife Folder

▶ A FRIEND THAT WON'T LET YOU DOWN - Deploy the sharp semi serrated SWAT blade to cut through cardboard, rope, wood, fish, fishing line, deer, seatbelt, etc. Praised for...

Emergency Space Blanket - The Survival Item You Can't Overlook

► FOUR MYLAR EMERGENCY BLANKETS – Your pack will have four mylar sheets, also called space blankets, individually wrapped in a re-sealable ziploc bag. Always keep some: in your car,...

Fire Wand - Start Every Fire Like a Wizard

EASY IGNITION - ENDLESS FLAME Light with one spark from your ferro rod. Fluff the end of the wick, light and use your mobile flame as your multi-purpose fire starter....

Fire Spark Kit - Fire Starter Survival Kit

A Fire Kit on a Carabiner - Ferro rod, stainless steel multi-tool striker, compacted waxed cotton tinder in an IPX7 waterproof edc survival capsule, 550 paracord with internal wick and...