This survival kit is a small box packed with our best survival gear. Perfect to fit your car glovebox, under a car seat, a backpack, a bugout bag, a hiking kit, etc.
Here is what you will find inside your kit:  Atomic Bear Folding Knife, MTP-6 Tactical Pen with Flashlight, SWAT Tactical Flashlight, Emergency Blanket, Cobra Adjustable Paracord Bracelet (compass, emergency whistle, paracord, fire-starter), Large Ferrocerium Fire Starter, Saw Wire, 13-in-1 Multi Tool Card
This kit has four high value star items:
  • MTP-6 Tactical Pen : ballpoint pen with a flashlight, a glass breaker and a bottle opener/multi-tool.
  • Atomic Bear Folding Knife: semi-serrated hardened stainless steel blade sharpened to perfection, a  molded glass fiber composite G10 handle with all the curves at the right place for comfort and steadiness. Liner lock system to safely lock the open blade in place.
  • Atomic Bear Flashlight: a small self-defense flashlight featuring a 400 lumen LED light, high light, low light and strobe modes. Allows to focus the light with a sliding zoom to control the lit area.
  • Adjustable Atomic Bear Cobra Black Bracelet : this is a survival kit in a bracelet with paracord, a compass, an emergency whistle, a mini ferrorod and serrated striker.