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IFAK Pouch - Molle-Ready Tactical Pouch For Quick Access to Your Supply

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The Atomic Bear’s Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) Pouch  – Quick Access and Molle Webbing is a must-needed essential to your backpacking gear.

  • Features Molle Webbing for a superior clasp
  • Pouch opens in the front for quick access
  • Two straps with button-down clasps on backside of IFAK pouch for added security
  • Outer pocket with handle as well
  • Molle Webbing on sides for additional attachments

This Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) Pouch by the Atomic Bear is the perfect size for your next outdoor adventure. Simply attach this first aid pouch to your favorite backpack, rucksack, purse, fanny pack, or other hiking bag with our durable molle webbing. Inside, you have plenty of storage space for all your personal first aid kit essentials such as bandaids, antibacterial creams, tapes and wrappings, and other essential medical supplies like an epi pen, aspirin, or other prescription drugs. Designed for easy access with zippers along the sides so the IFAK pouch opens from the front, the Atomic Bear’s Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) Pouch will quickly become your go-to for essential items.

It’s been a long day. You’ve been outside for hours. The sun is beating down. You’re hot. You’re tired. And suddenly, one misstep changes the course of your day (and perhaps your life) forever.

Many of us have experienced these kind of scenarios: you’ve just hiked up a mountain or a long trail and you or someone in your hiking party falls. You head back to your car but suddenly don’t remember which way is which. A wasp stings someone who’s allergic. Night is falling and you’re far from home. You’re on the ski slopes, and you hit a tree.

These are stories that make the news all the time, but all too frequently these are stories that turn into tragedies. We all pray for the affected families and hope it’s not us. But what if it is you? Are you prepared?

At the bare minimum, you need a personal first aid kit. Whether you’re bandaging up a small scratch or you’re applying a tourniquet because of a snake bite, you never know when you’re going to need immediate access to first aid tools. Any time you venture forth from civilization you need an individual first aid kit. Here are the essential first aid kit supplies the Atomic Bear recommends you stock your personal first aid kit with:

  • Band aids and butterfly bandages in various sizes
  • Antiseptic or antibacterial cream to kill any germs that may have gotten in your wound
  • Adhesive tape
  • Super glue
  • Rubber tourniquet
  • Gauze pads in assorted sizes
  • Surgical gloves
  • CPR mask
  • Scissors & tweezers
  • Cotton balls and cotton swabs
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Pain relievers such as Advil, Aleve, or aspirin


There are many other first aid kit items you can include, but these are some of the most important.

You have your IFAK items all gathered together. Now where to put them? A lot of personal first aid kits you purchase from the store come in a big, plastic, awkward-sized box that is pretty much hopelessly impossible to pack. Furthermore, this store-bought first aid kit takes up so much room in your backpack that you have no room for anything else.


Enter our Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) pouch, which was designed with the user in mind. Some of the many benefits include:


  • Designed for quick access, so when you need it, it’s at your fingertips
  • Our first aid pouch is designed to attach to your backpack, freeing up valuable space for your other needed essentials inside your pack
  • Molle webbing attachments are everywhere on this pack, making it very secure when you attach it
  • Inner pockets are perfect for organizing all of your first aid kit essentials
  • Functions as more than a first aid kit with many other uses
  • Lifetime warranty

We at Atomic Bear have designed this IFAK pouch with the survivalist, prepper, backcountry hiker, skiier, snowmobiler, ATV’er, dirt biker, climber, camper, armed forces personnel, and law enforcement personnel in mind. This pouch is easy to move from one pack to another depending on what hat you have on at the moment.

The limits to the Atomic Bear’s Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) Pouch – Quick Access and Molle Webbing is only limited by your imagination. Use this pouch to hold your dog’s collapsible water dish, chapstick, the Atomic Bear’s SWAT Tactical Blade, our All-in-One Tactical Pen MTP-6, our Space Blankets for Emergency or any other survival gear you normally carry.

However, we here at Atomic Bear also recognize that this IFAK pouch has many more functions. It’s perfect as a cell phone carrier so you don’t have to dig around in a huge pack when your phone rings. It can carry your wallet, cash, and credit card. And if you’re a mom who often never has enough hands to hold everything you need, this IFAK pouch is perfect to store snacks for the kiddos who seem to eat constantly. And if the kids are old enough, they can access the pouch themselves or even buy them their own.

Don’t underestimate the value of first aid supplies. When an emergency occurs, the first few hours are crucial. How you respond makes all the difference. There are no second chances. Whether you face a life or death situation such as a snake bite, a bad fall involving broken limbs, or just a small cut to your finger, the Atomic Bear’s Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) Pouch will be invaluable.

Luckily for most of us, the most we ever need is a band aid and some good antiseptic cream to make it all better. Sometimes a kiss is needed to make it 100% better. Sometimes answering the phone when your best friend calls and is devastated by a break up is life-saving. And sometimes  it’s when your toddler who missed his nap and is on the verge of a complete and total breakdown in the middle of the grocery store–the kind of breakdown where there is ear-splitting volumes and rolling around on the floor breakdown–is handed his favorite snack in seconds from your IFAK pouch that saves the day.

Frequently, it’s these little moments that are life-savers. And you want to be prepared for all of them. Order Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) Pouch by the Atomic Bear today and begin saving the lives of those around you!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Quality bag

    Very nice size a lot of storage area is very well-made great price

    IFAK pouch

    Will hold combat bandage, clotting agent, tourniquet and a few other items and allows quick, one-hand access and will mount securely to vest or belt

    EMS Student

    Useful for my EMS class where I have to carry several supplies. I use the Molle webbing to attach the pouch to my drop leg allowing for easy access.

    Good size

    Perfect for my tactical vest. Doesn't get in the way.

    First Aid Kit (FAK)

    As always, from Atomic Bear, first rate merchandise, shipping and customer service. This is a great and easily accessible in or out of your bugout bag or pack,or on your belt. Lots of slots and pockets for your stuff. A great Buy!