S.W.A.T. Flashlight

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This tactical flashlight is small, fits in your pocket, and clips to your pockets or belt. You will experience a super bright light beam expected of a big and heavy flashlight but in a compact and powerful package. You can adjust the power and the size from a slim light to a wide beam flashlight. In addition to its incredible light, it makes for a tough combat flashlight for police, military, and civilians wanting an extra layer of protection. Dominate the darkness with Atomic Bear’s S.W.A.T. Flashlight.


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★ DOMINATE THE DARKNESS: This small, powerful 3-mode self-defense light will help you out of a vulnerable situation in the dark. Our signature combat flashlight is the size of a quarter and as long as a credit card (battery not included).

★ LIGHTS YOUR PATH AS POWERFULLY AS A STREET LIGHT: The 400 lumens LED CREE Q5 is the latest technology and produces as much light as a 100 W bulb. It runs for 25 hours straight on one AA (or 14500 rechargeable) battery (not included). This powerful LED flashlight illuminates a path up to 500 feet.

★ CATCHES INTRUDERS LIKE A DEER IN HEADLIGHTS: The power of this LED tactical flashlight coupled with the ability to go from a wide beam to a blinding laser focussed beam with a flick of a thumb is a badass advantage if faced with a human or an animal threat. If necessary, the sharp edges can come handy.

★ MADE FOR SERIOUS DUTIES: Made of aircraft grade aluminum, water-resistant, highly portable, this tough-as-nails light will help you succeed in your most demanding duties. It is essential survival gear.

★ AN ESSENTIAL EDC ITEM AS RECOMMENDED BY POLICE, HIGH SECURITY, AND MILITARY: This is a serious tool and we are serious about our products. When you’re looking for the best police flashlight, a military tac light, or self-defense flashlight, there is no other option. We offer a lifetime satisfaction warranty. You can’t go wrong.



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