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The Atomic Bear Gun Magnet - A Magnetic Mount That Will Enhance Your Firearm Carry

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▶ UP-LEVEL YOUR CONCEALED CARRY –  Enhance your comfort and safety by having your gun nearby, readily accessible, but hidden from sight. Install the magnet and stick your weapon on it!
▶ GOT BIG WEAPONS? As long as the firearm has enough exposed metal, it will stick to the very strong neodymium magnet. We guarantee 35 lbs holding strength (way more than your normal weapon;-).
▶ ATOMIC BEAR PERKS!  Atomic Bear lifetime warranty on function AND 2 great stickers that our CCW fans chose for you.
▶ WHERE CAN IT BE INSTALLED? In your vehicle (trucks, cars...). Will keep the gun attached even on bumpy roads. At home or work: under your working desk, table, by your bedside, in a locker, in a safe, on the wall near the door, etc. Can be installed on metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, concrete, plaster (reaching a stud).
▶ HOW DO I INSTALL MY GUN MAGNET? Included: 4 screws and one double sided 3M adhesive tape per magnet. Use screws or tape. We provide detailed instructions.

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    A Magnetic Gun Holder That Will Make Gun Owners Safer

    When your life depends upon it, you have seconds—if that—to get ahold of your self-defense items when SHTF. But what if your gun is locked in a messy safe? Or is in a bag…somewhere in your backseat? Or so far out of reach you’ll be in harm’s way before you can get to it? That defeats the purpose of having it, doesn’t it? But you’re also concerned with safety—as you rightly should be. You need to know that your firearm is held securely, andout of the reach of those who shouldn’t have it. Many car gun holders, holsters, and safes require elaborate measures to get into them. When you’re under duress and have to get to your gun quickly, do you really have time to fumble with keys, lock combinations, holster snaps, and the like? With a magnetic gun holder, you have a secure way to store your firearm without all the hassle. You can easily create a magnetic wall mount in your closet, bedroom, office, or garage. Or use it as a car gun holder and mount it under the dash. Even as a safe magnet, your self-defense items will be good to go right where you need them, when you need them. The Bear Gun Magnet by The Atomic Bear is the solution to all of the above. The Bear Gun Magnet holds up to 35 lbs with ease, and won’t allow your firearm to shift or move out of place. Our magnetic gun holder will hold your pistol, rifle, or shotgun tight—even if it’s in a moving car. This is the last gun holder you’ll ever need.


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    There are many ways to install the Bear gun magnet. Law enforcement officers will use the provided adhesive to install it in their locker. At home, they will find a secure spot to hide their pistol and yet make it quickly available if necessary. Who wants to waste time to find their pistol when you need it now? And you do not want to see your pistol falling on the floor or lost in a pile somewhere... not a good thing! Take a look at its features below: 


    Install The Bear Gun Magnet in Less Than Two Minutes

    If you can hold a screwdriver, you can install The Bear Gun Magnet!

    Forget wrestling with a nonsensical installation manual or watching YouTube videos. When you install our tactical magnet, all you need to know are a handful of skills. Installing on a wall or furniture? If you know how to use a screwdriver, you’re good to go—we’ve even included four self-tapping screws. Depending on the surface (hard wood, concrete, or bricks), you might want to drill pilot holes and use plugs (not included), so you’ll need to know how to use a power drill.  Installing a bedside gun holder? No problem! The mountable magnet can be installed using the super heavy-duty 3M double-sided tape we’ve included. Simply choose your spot, apply the tape to the tactical magnet, and put it where you need it.

     It is quite easy to install the gun magnet on a flat and smooth surface using the double-sided tape. Clean the wall or the locker door (ideally with friction alcohol). Dry the surface very well. Remove the yellow paper and stick the tape on the magnet. Then remove the protecting sheet from the magnet to expose the sticky side, position the magnet and press it on the wall (or else) surface. Important. The sticker is very strong. But if the surface is not smooth (like often in a car), it may not work well and you want to add the four screws to make sure it won't move. The Bear Magnet removes the superfluous. No more boxes, straps, or extra moving parts. Get to your gun quickly. Unhindered. And right away. 


    Can I Use it as a Magnetic Gun Holder for My Car?

    Absolutely. Simply find the safest, most comfortable, and most easily accessible place for your firearm. Next, use the included 3M tape to mount the tac mag to the surface. It’ll be ready to go for you when you need it. And when you need to move it, it’s easy to remove. It is possible that the finish of your car is too textured, so by using the combination of the 3M tape and the self-tapping screws, you can be assured that the magnet will never move!

    Why is it Important to Use Gun Safe Magnets?

    Many people write to us and ask if The Bear Gun Magnet will affect their ammo or guns. The answer is no! The magnet utilizes four incredibly strong neodymium magnets that are positioned to avoid any type of magnetization transfer to your guns or ammo.

    Will Your Quick-Draw Magnet Scratch My Gun?

    Definitely not! We value your investment and have gone out of our way to ensure that The Bear Gun Magnet won’t scratch your firearms. The surface of the magnet is made of a soft polymer, and if it’s mounted correctly, the countersunk screws won’t be an issue, either.

    Can I Use it as a Quick-Draw Magnet?

    Of course, you can. Whether you use it as a vehicle mounted gun holster, under table holster, or on a wall, it’s quick and easy to draw, and your gun is always ready when you need it. As with any new technique, you will want to practice drawing your gun to ensure accuracy and familiarity.

    How Much Weight Can it Hold?

    We’re glad you asked. It’s tested to hold up to 35 lbs. To give you perspective, most rifles weigh right around 8-10 pounds. Now, some people prefer a little more stability if they’re hanging a rifle or shotgun, so they use two magnets for just the right balance. 

    Get the Tactical Magnet You Can Trust

    When it comes to your protection and your firearms, your first concern is safety. To achieve the ultimate safety, you need to use a brand you can trust. The Atomic Bear is fiercely dedicated to creating products that are only of the highest quality, that are rigorously field-tested, and that can withstand everything you throw at them when SHTF. Our magnetic gun holder is no different. We set out to create the baddest, toughest tactical magnet and couldn’t be more confident in the result. Because of that, we have alifetime warranty on all our products. Don’t waste another day. Get The Bear Gun Magnet now, and we’ll throw in a gift of two gun-lover decals that were selected by our most die-hard fans. Your safety and peace of mind are everything.

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