The New Fire Starter Kit by The Atomic Bear - A brief overview

The New Fire Starter Kit by The Atomic Bear is perfect to snap-and-go. You have your fire making tool ready. Now sometimes using a fire tool is a little tricky. Jeff demonstrates how the kit can be used...

  • A Fire Kit on a Carabiner - Ferro rod, stainless steel multi-tool striker, compacted waxed cotton tinder in an IPX7 waterproof edc survival capsule, 550 paracord with internal wick and fishing line, emergency whistle and carabiner
  • A Ferro rod Exactly How We Like It - Premium ferrocerium alloy with +40% cerium throws a sizzling shower of 6,000 F hot sparks every time. Approximately 12,000 strikes. Dimensions: 1 x 10 cm (3/8" x 4")
  • Grab-and-Go Bushcraft Gear - Going hiking, fishing, camping or hunting? Grab and snap your lightweight survival fire starter to your outdoor gear or add to your camping accessories
  • Customizable Emergency Kit - Quickly switch or add items using the keyrings and carabiner system. No need to unravel the hard-to-lose bright paracord handle to move or replace components
  • SHFT Mindset - Customize this survival kit to your liking so you're confident to use it in an emergency situation to help yourself and others. Start a fire, use it for first aid or signal for help

Fire Starting Kit for Survival : Atomic Bear Fire Starting Kit Explained

Fire starting kit for survival - When it comes to fire starting kit, it is no secret that they are a must for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing as part of a survival kit. They come in handy to start a fire...

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