The Molle-Ready Tactical Clips and Straps Kit Explained

In this video, you will learn how to install each element of the molle kit to your backpack or pouch or belt.

Molle Webbing Attachments Kit by The Atomic Bear has everything you’ll need for when you’re out in the field either for work or play.

  • 4 D-Ring Grimlock Carabiners
  • 4 Strap Tightening Elastics
  • Belt Keyring Holder
  • 2 Straps 4” MOD Tac Tie

Look no further for all of your molle accessories needs than this kit by Atomic Bear. Each item is carefully selected for durability, speed to open and close, non-rusting properties, and its versatility. The D Rings will support 25 lbs of weight and features a corrosion resistant spring. The Attachment Straps are designed for easy fastening to your molle webbing that is simple to install so you can organize all your gear. The strings are designed to be secure and tight. The keychain is the perfect ring holder for your belt or bag with a combination velcro and pressure button to keep it secure. The Atomic Bear’s Molle Webbing Attachment Kit is compatible with backpacks, gear bags, knapsacks, purses, vests, belts, pant loops, or any other device with a loop or hook. Order yours today!

Molle attachment accessories with 11 pieces: 4 elastic, 4 D-Ring, 2 molle connectors, 1 belt and molle key clip.

  • COMPREHENSIVE KIT – This kit combines the best accessories for your tactical gear and molle webbing bags. Each item is selected for: durability, speed to open/close, can be use in dirt and sand, low IR signature. Sturdy nylon and non-rusty metal.
  • D-RING – Lightweight, break away feature for safety, corrosion resistant spring. Quick to install. The formed hook supports 25 lbs on your molle bag. Closes with an easy snap. Quick release. Stays safely closed.
  • MOLLE WEB ELASTIC STRING – Resistant and easy to install. Designed to tie together hanging straps, secure hydration tube, fasten objects on your molle webbing, keep your gear organized and tight.
  • ATTACHMENT STRAPS – Attach modular web accessories. Perfect to assemble modular molle webbing, attach to a belt. Safe snap.
  • KEYCHAIN – Perfect ring holder for your belt, your molle bag, etc. Combines Velcro and pressure button to secure the holder to your belt. Safe and quick release clip.
Molle Webbing


Molle is a type of webbing. It stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. The system was designed to have all of your necessary and frequently used gear at your fingertips. It uses modularity with easy access points. The webbing part attaches to your equipment.

Originally designed with the military, police, and firefighters in mind, Molle Webbing is perfect for anyone who needs to carry an assortment of gear, be it tactical in nature such as pocket knife or guns or parental in nature such as sippy cups, car keys, or snacks. 

The Molle System has been adopted by the US government for use in all of their military backpacks and gear. This system features two main components:

  1. Strength. Designed so gear would not be lost, easily ripped off, or knocked off accidentally. Nylon is the fabric of choice and non-rusting composite materials make up this gear. This allows heavier pouches to be clipped to equipment (Atomic Bear recommends up to 25 lbs). The D-Rings can be used to further secure the pouch, bag, or gear item so it doesn’t swing.
  2. Accessible. When your life depends on it, you need your weapons accessible. Molle Webbing secures weapons such as firearms, knives, and explosive material as well as practical items such as gloves, ammunition, extra clips, binoculars, and other life-saving emergency gear all within arm’s reach. It prevents items from falling to the bottom of your gear bag, thereby, in effect, being utterly useless to the user.
The Atomic Bear's  Molle Webbing Attachments benefits


Molle Webbing Attachment Kit

Let’s examine the kit’s component’s in a bit more detail to further see its benefits

  • Grimlock Locking D-Ring Carabiner Clips. First and foremost, this clip is lightweight. It features a press release button on top to open, which requires very little pressure from the user. The release button is vented so in the event it gets dirt or grime stuck in there, you press the release button and it pushes out the dirt through the holes, preventing clogging and jams. When closed, it makes a popping sound and forms an extremely strong bond when clasped. It has two attachment features: a 1 inch attachment so your gear will not move around or the bigger ring portion, allowing for movement of your gear. Perfect to attach a camel back or other pack to your larger Molle Webbing pack. Parents will find these D-Ring Carabiner Clips from Atomic Bear life-savers to attach cups, snack bags, lunch boxes, diaper bags, cell phones, and pouches.
  • Molle Web Dominator Elastic Strings. More versatile than the Grimlock Locking D-Ring Carabiner Clips, these Molle Web Dominator Elastic Strings can be used for odd object attachments such as water bottles, loose straps on bags and packs, or secure water tubing to the backpack. Useful for any loose cords, wiring or excess materials. Secure items in your pack you don’t want moving around as well.These lock onto existing straps and can slide back and forth once attached with slight pressure. The cord portion is adjustable based off how much you need so expands easily for your item. 
  • 2 Straps 4” MOD Tac Tie. These tac ties are extremely useful in attaching smaller packs to your bigger pack. Attach ties to both molle webbing sets if the packs have two sets. Otherwise, use these tac ties by themselves. The looptail feeds through the locking buckle, pulling the item taunt. The bag will not come loose, eliminating worry of losing it. These Modular (MOD) tac ties feature a secure snap button and nylon material. Easy to clasp and remove, these tac ties are the most versatile piece of the Atomic Bear’s 11 piece Molle Webbing kit system. Other uses include attaching any sort of bag to another, sleeping bag, clothes, mattress, or any other gear with a loop. 
  • 1 Keychain. The Atomic Bear’s keychain combines the best of velcro and buttons to create a super secure loop to attach to Molle webbing, bag, purse, backpack, belt, or other looped device such as a water bottle. Push release and clasp, this keychain holder will help you never misplace or lose your keys at the bottom of your purse again.

Molle webbing is the superior choice in attaching your accessories to your backpack. It keeps items safe and secure, accessible, and worry-free. The Atomic Bear’s Molle attachment straps, Molle attachment clips, and Molle attachment gear in an all-in-one place affords the best value and eliminates the hassle of various dealers.

This kit is perfect for tactical use or backpacking use. Secure all your valuables and most needed items where you can reach them. Eliminate the frustration of having to stop and dig around in your bag for your much needed chapstick, wallet, cell phone, car keys, coupons, piece of life-giving chocolate, breath mint, wipes, baby powder, hand sanitizer, and the list goes on. The Atomic Bear’s Molle Webbing Attachment Kit will meet all of your organizational needs. Visit us online today!

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