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SWAT Flashlight - A Small But Powerful Tactical Flashlight

Need a Small and Powerful Flashlight?

See clearly 100 yards ahead in complete darkness

Designed for heavy duty tasks. This miniaturized tactical flashlight is fully equipped.

► LOADS OF POWER IN A SMALL FORMAT - Stronger light beam, sturdier, smaller and lighter than competition & unique Atomic Bear life time warranty. Zoomable lense, 3 lighting modes, sturdy.
► EASY TO CARRY - Made to fit into a small pocket, clip to your belt, fits in a small purse or in a bike glove box. Removable clip. Can be mounted on a gun, a bike or molle equipment.
► TOUGH AS NAILS - Made of aircraft grade aluminum. Water, cold and shock resistant. Will work in all weather.
► YOUR SELF-DEFENSE PROTECTION - The serrated head than can cause a lot of damages to a predator. Blinding beam.
► TECHNICAL - 400 lumens, LED CREE Q5, 3.5” long, 1” diameter, weight 2 oz (60g), takes AA or 14,500 Li-ion rechargeable battery (not included), lasts 25 hours of a AA, beam size and focus adjustable, 3 modes (high, low, strobes), light 100 yards ahead.