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Guardian Titanium Pen Updates - Pre-Orders

The Guardian is an innovative pen designed for busy people who want to be protected everywhere without raising any eyebrow.
Made of titanium, a material highly resistant to chemical attack and has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal.
We translated the discoveries we made while working on the Stealth Pen Pro and came to design a highly functional defense pen, that in my humble opinion, looks AMAZING.
The satin finish keeps the pen inconspicuous, and the design gives an amazing fighting grip. Loyal to our tradition, we have included a glass breaker concealed by a grippy cap.
The bolt action mechanism is smooth and precise, thanks to the use of POM polymer to ensure the most satisfying action when activating the pen.
My name is Jeff Truchon, I have co-designed this pen and I am the founder of The Atomic Bear. I will update you on this page about the progress in the production of this batch of 100 Guardian pens.


*** New Addition ***

I believe that if you carry a weapon, you need to be able to practice with it. Whether it is a hammer, a screwdriver, or an amazingly sexy pen... This is why I have decided to add a beautiful and functional brass practice tip. Watch the video above to hear what the guy in charge of R&D and manufacturing says about it ;-)


Bolt Action Button… Your Pen Is Special! 

The Guardian uses a bolt-action system. This is not a system that we invented. You may want to know how we improved it…

All systems, until the Guardian, use a round bolt action button. If you don’t know why… it is fairly simple. These have a screw directly screwed into the interior slide. If you know anything about manufacturing, you know that it is nearly impossible to align the threading of a screw so that the button would end-up perfectly aligned with the pen. It could look a little ugly. 

Not only, the traditional bolt action buttons are limited in their shape and ergonomics, but they have a tendency to unscrew themselves over time. Which means that the little button falls off randomly and… yes your pen becomes useless.

Traditional bolt action button

Guardian Bolt Action Button

Our design team made a brilliant discovery. We do not screw the button into the slide. We insert it. The screw comes from the top of the slide to secure the assembly. This means that we could design our ideal button. And the button will NEVER unscrew itself from the slide.

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