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How To Start Prepping on a Budget
25/04/2023 By: Jeff Truchon

Β  It’s easy to get the impression that prepping requires an almost infinite budget. Some prep lists include hundreds of suggested items. Potential prep shelters can run tens of thousands of dollars. All of these...

Kubaton (kubotan)
29/01/2023 By: Jeff Truchon

What Is a Kubaton? First, the historical proper name for a kubaton is Kubotan. We will use kubaton here, see below for the reason why. They have been used as a non-lethal self-defense tool since...

Survival Shelters β€” Which Type Is Right for You?
06/01/2023 By: Jeff Truchon

People hear every day of the increasing turmoil in the world and want to be prepared if they need to bug out. Others simply have a love for the outdoors and want to learn how...

What Is a Ferro Rod? The Prepper's Fire Starting Tool by Excellence
06/01/2023 By: Jeff Truchon

What Is a Ferro Rod? If you have ever been stranded without means to start a fire, you will have experienced firsthand the need for a reliable and effective method of starting a fire. A...

MOLLE β€” What Is It? Is It Useful?
20/12/2022 By: Jeff Truchon

The need for a MOLLE backpack cannot be overemphasized in this day, where the need for prompt preparedness is key for individual survival. We understand this and are committed to ensuring the protection of your...

Emergency Blankets β€” Essential Item in Your Emergency Survival Kit
20/12/2022 By: Jeff Truchon

An emergency blanket is an essential item for your emergency survival kit. With more than a dozen potential uses, it’s also one of the most versatile supplies you can include. Learn why you need to...

7 City Prepper Tips for Urban Preparedness
04/08/2022 By: Jeff Truchon

As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, it is more important than ever to be prepared for when disaster strikes. City preppers are those who take extra steps to ensure that they are ready for anything...

Paracord Bracelet : How to Make Them and 15 Ways They Are Used in Survival Situations
14/07/2022 By: Tara Dodrill

Watch out duct tape, there is a new survival wunderkind on the block …. paracord. Type III paracord or 550 cord is so tough and dependable that it has been used to aid American heroes...

IFAK Trauma Kit Essentials for Your Bug Out Bag
23/04/2020 By: Carlee Heinmiller

Β  Exterior items CAT-type tourniquet Trauma shears Tourniquet + shears holster 5.11 Patch for flashlight and pen Tactical pen MTP-6 SWAT Flashlight Molle attachments SWAT Knife You can find the belt I am using with...

Is The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen Worth Its Price Tag?
05/04/2020 By: Jean-François Truchon

You're not sure if the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen is worth the price tag? In this article, I will visit the key features of the Gerber Pen to help you decide if it is for...

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