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The Multi-Tool Tactical Pen Review
06/08/2018 By: Jean-François Truchon

Need a pen that does it all? Tactical pen, flashlight, glass breaker, screw driver… The Atomic Bear multi-tool tactical pen might be cut for you. When it comes to tactical pen, The Atomic Bear has...

The Rebel Tactical Pen Review
25/06/2018 By: Jean-François Truchon

The REBEL: a Tactical Pen You Can Rely On When the Day Takes a Turn (SHTF) (The Sweepstake Has Ended) What is a Tactical Pen? Ever felt not safe. Walking in a crowd? Walking late...

A Man Saved a 4-Month-Old Baby Locked in a Car Using His Tactical Pen
11/05/2018 By: Jean-François Truchon

Here is the interview transcribed for those who prefer reading. Jeff: Awesome. I'm super excited to have Brian with us today. He has an amazing story, and he reached out to us. I'm Jeff, from...

What to Do If Your Car Is Underwater With You in It
16/02/2018 By: Jean-François Truchon

Nobody wants to think about getting into a car accident — especially one that involves water — but the truth is, the more you anticipate this type of situation, the better chance you have of...

Seemingly Harmless Wild Animals That are Actually Dangerous
09/02/2018 By: Jean-François Truchon

We’ve already written about encountering wild animals that are obviously dangerous, such as bears, wolves, and mountain lions. However, there are animals you could run into while in the wilderness (or even close to home)...

Self-Defense Against Wild Animals: Bears, Wolves, and Mountain Lions
02/02/2018 By: Jean-François Truchon

If you live near an area where you see a lot of wildlife, or if you get out and go camping a lot, chances are, you’re going to run into a wild animal here and...

How to Make a Go Bag
25/01/2018 By: Jean-François Truchon

You might have heard of the term “go bag” from movies and books, and wondered what that actually means. You see the hero of the film go to a bus station, open a random locker,...

Pressure Points for Self-Defense
18/01/2018 By: Jean-François Truchon

Although you likely don’t want to think about it, a time might arise in your life where you have to stand up for yourself in self-defense. When you’re in the moment, your fight or flight...

5 Tips for Disaster Prepping if You Have Kids
11/01/2018 By: Jean-François Truchon

Prepping for yourself and another adult is one thing, but prepping with a baby is a special set of guidelines to consider. Little ones might not appreciate a sense of urgency, following instructions, and stay focused as...

Why You Should Start Prepping
04/01/2018 By: Jean-François Truchon

You’ve likely heard of survivalist preppers, as well as your everyday prepper. It doesn’t matter where you fall into this spectrum – prepping is a skill that everybody can benefit from. Should I be prepping? How...

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