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The Types of Go Bags Every Prepper Needs
27/12/2017 By: Jean-François Truchon

In addition to the prepper storage you’re accumulating and tending to, you will want to create specific go bags for various types of events. These are kits that you can grab at a moment’s notice...

How to Use a Tactical Pen While Camping
20/12/2017 By: Jean-François Truchon

Camping (and no, we don’t mean glamping) requires a certain amount of survival skills. You need to carry as few supplies as possible with you, but just enough that you’re able to be comfortable as...

Essential Prepper Skills Every Prepper Should Learn
13/12/2017 By: Jean-François Truchon

  It’s one thing to be prepared with all the supplies you think you’ll need in the event of an emergency, but it’s quite another to be able to carry out the survival skills it...

Why Become a Prepper?
06/12/2017 By: Jean-François Truchon

Even if you’re not well-acquainted with the world of prepping, or have zero interest in taking part in it, you’ve likely heard of it and wonder what the appeal is. But before you write it...

Gifts for a Prepper — 4 Best Ideas
05/12/2017 By: Jean-François Truchon

There is always at least one person on your gift-giving list who is so hard to shop for. They have everything. They’re picky. They have interests that you have no clue about. They’re a prepper...

How to Safely Break a Car Window
28/11/2017 By: Jean-François Truchon

You might encounter times in your life when breaking a window is absolutely necessary. We don’t recommend breaking glass unless you’re in a situation where life needs to be saved. You could severely injure yourself or others,...

How to Organize Prepper Supplies
21/11/2017 By: Jean-François Truchon

We’re not going to go all Martha Stewart on you here, but when it comes to the supplies you’ve hoarded, you need to find some semblance of organization. Prepper supplies are highly coveted, but if...

Self-Defense Items You Can Conceal and Carry
14/11/2017 By: Jean-François Truchon

Besides the obvious choice of a handgun, there are several self-defense items you can conceal on your person in the event that you have to defend your life. Self-defense gear can be as obvious as...

Foods Preppers Should Store
07/11/2017 By: Jean-François Truchon

No matter what event is on the horizon, a prepper should be prepared with the right supplies. We’re going to go over several topics over the coming months, but this week, we’ll focus on the...

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