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By: Jean-François Truchon 04/01/2018

You’ve likely heard of survivalist preppers, as well as your everyday prepper. It doesn’t matter where you fall into this spectrum – prepping is a skill that everybody can benefit from. Should I be prepping? How to get started? The Atomic Bear has five reasons you should start prepping now!

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Here’s why you need to consider prepping.

What Is Prepping? Should You Get Started?

Some people believe that prepping is only for large-scale disasters or apocalyptic events when SHFT. While this is definitely a reason people prep, the truth is, even smaller events can make prepping necessary. Consider the recent hurricanes, which knocked out power and services for days. Earthquakes, tornados, storms, power outages, civil unrest, personal emergencies, and loss of a job can necessitate it as well. You never know when you’ll need to prep or why, but regardless, you should be prepared for anything at any time. Let’s talk about five reasons you should do it!

Reason #1 You won’t have to hunt down supplies last minute

What do people do right before a storm? They run to the store to stock up. You won’t have to worry about fighting for the last roll of toilet paper or food for your family because it’ll already be in your home.

Reason #2 Peace of mind

A natural disaster is terrifying in and of itself but when you’ve prepared your cupboards, your family, and your home, you’re alleviating a lot of that anxiety. When SHFT, you have what you need already, and now you can focus your efforts on other more pressing matters.

Reason #3 Prepping is not just stocking up!

Part of the prepping equation is having plans. You’ll want to know routes out of the city, places to go for clean water, where your family should meet up if separated, and various places to go depending on the type of disaster you’re facing.

Reason #4 You probably won’t have the technology

So many of us are so dependent on technology to get us out of things. When disaster strikes, you won’t be able to turn to Pinterest to learn the top ways to get out of trouble. You need to be prepared ahead of time!

Reason #5 You’re on your own

When SHFT, the first responders aren’t able to swoop in and save everybody. You will be on your own to take care of your family’s needs for several days, weeks, or even longer. Prepping gives you time to prepare for everything to go back to normal, or to get to the next step in your survival plan.

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