Are you frustrated to see your self-defense weapons prohibited in a growing number of locations? It is still a dangerous world. This is why every smart citizen needs to carry an effective and useful everyday defense tool that remains unnoticed.

This elegant pen is made for double duty. Use it daily as a great pen and as a personal protection tool. The tungsten carbide head can break a car window in 2 seconds or be used to make a predator regret having chosen you.

▶ LOOKING FOR A SERIOUS PEN? – The SWAT Pen by the Atomic Bear exhibit a simple and solid construction, great feeling in your hand, anti-slip, and great writing utensil. Has a remarkable grip that can deliver a devastating strike. The cap is solid and tight with an audible click on both ends when switching between pen and glass breaker/weapon functions.

▶ EXTRAS YOU WON’T FIND ELSEWHERE – Includes a proprietary Atomic Bear tac pen self-defense online class, lifetime warranty, a spared black ink cartridge, shipped in superior packaging.

▶ A PEN THAT CAN TAKE A BEATING – Plain and simple design. Won’t be chewed up by your pitbull! Won’t break. Won’t rust. Made of sturdy military-grade aluminum machined to perfection. You’ll love the feeling of weight and balance. Surprising comfort and agility in both writing and defense modes

▶ TIRED OF A PEN THAT DOESN’T WRITE? – Don’t be fooled by its low price, this pen writes as well as luxury pens. You will feel a smooth, continuous, effortless, and even ink transfer. Takes ink refills from Atomic Bear, Fisher Space, Parker, Rite in the Rain.

▶ AIN’T JUST FOR WRITING – Intimidating weapon perceived as non-lethal. Will make you feel safer especially in areas where weapons are prohibited. Has a ‘real’ glass breaker tip that shatters a car window in one strike. Has saved numerous lives. Learn to use the SWAT pen with our online class and become the worst prey ever! You’ll open boxes, engrave wood, metal, glass. Perfect for the car, your bob, EDC. Loved by security guards, police, military, shoppers, joggers, women, delivery workers, etc.


Smashing End

The impact end of the pen can break glass, ceramic, and metal. We used an extreme hardness superalloy called tungsten carbide.

Solid Grip

The S.W.A.T. pen allows a thumb grip – the only way to fully transfer your power to the target.

Smart Cap

Don't waste your time screwing the cap on and off for writing. With this survival pen, you simply clip the cap on either side. The cap belt/pocket clip is remarkably useful.