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▶ THE WORLD MOST LOADED PEN – The MTP-6 combines the most needed EDC tools in one sturdy, well designed, well crafted compact tactical pen. You’ll find: a two modes LED tactical flashlight, a premium glass breaking head, a great writing ballpoint pen and a multi-tool head. Bonus: 3 ink refills, 3 sets of batteries and an online self-defense class.

▶ BUILD TO LAST – Machined with precision from sturdy aircraft grade aluminum. You’ll enjoy writing with the MTP-6 pen and will appreciate the smoothness of its affordable ink refills

▶ WHY BUY THE ATOMIC BEAR? – You will love EVERYTHING about this pen. Just in case, we boldly offer a lifetime warranty. You will feel the Atomic Bear attention to details and the quality found in all our tactical gear #pride. 👉👉 Add to cart now!

▶ SELF DEFENSE WEAPONS – Be safer with this badass tactical multitool pen. Using our online training, you’ll be able to scare off/defeat a predator and break a car window in 2 seconds. The combination of flashlight and self defense head in one device comes handy at night.

▶ MULTI PURPOSE – Bottle opener, flat screw driver, serrated cutter, hexagonal wrench, glass breaker, pen, self defense, etc.

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