FOUR MYLAR EMERGENCY BLANKETS – Your pack will have four mylar sheets, also called space blankets, individually wrapped in a re-sealable ziploc bag. Always keep some: in your car, truck, first aid kit, emergency kit, backpack, jacket pockets, bug out bag, hiking, hunting, fishing or camping gear. The pack of four comes in a small box that can easily be stacked.
LARGE & DUAL REFLECTIVE SURFACE – Dimensions of 82” x 52” can accommodate up to 6’ 5” tall adults, very light 2oz each, effective addition to your thermal control gear, reflects back up to 90% of your body heat, 12-micron aluminized polyethylene mylar, resistant, windproof, waterproof, moisture proof, dual reflective sides for rescue signaling.
FEW WAYS TO USE YOUR BEAR BLANKET - wrap in it for extra warmth, extra layer in sleeping bag, improvised poncho, effective sunshade cooling, rain shelter, catching rain, fishing lure, sling, tourniquet, protect your backpack from rain, form a water carrying device, etc.
WHY BUY THIS ONE? – The Atomic Bear is emerging as a leader in survival and preparedness. Our products systematically get better ratings #PRIDE. We offer a risk-free LIFETIME & SATISFACTION WARRANTY. Includes a list of 18 uses of your thermal blanket, a survival kit checklist, and a free VIP membership to the Academy.

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