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Instructions SWAT Pen

How Do I Get My Free Pen Self-Defense Training?

You can enroll in our online class to learn how you can very effectively use your SWAT Pen for self-defense. To get started, CLICK HERE.

Things you will learn:

  • Only ‘street’ effective training available online
  • Where to most effectively wear your tactical pen
  • How to draw your pen for best impact
  • Pen vs Knife
  • How police and professional are not always prepared to break a car window in case of emergency
  • Find how to effectively break a car window with one strike
  • Learn the basics of the self-defense legal liability (note not a legal advice).

This is a 30 seconds trailer

How Do I Change the Ink Refill from my Tactical Pen?

Watch this video to find out how the ink refill can be changed in your tactical pen. It is very quick indeed and should not take more than one minute. Remember to keep the spring and to put it back into position! Otherwise, your tactical pen will be useless.

What Do I Do if I Have Lost my Pen Refill Spring?

You can try to find a similar one in the pens that you already own at home. Because we know this is a recurrent problem, we include one in our set of 6 refills that we sell. Buy more refills with a spring here.

Where Can I Buy More Ink Refills for my Tactical Pen?

We have your back covered. You can find refills anywhere. This pen will accept certain kind of Parker ballpoints, Fisher Space, Rite in the Rain, and …. The Atomic Bear. We are providing very good refills for a very cheap price. And offer our usual lifetime warranty in case of a defect. Get your SWAT Pen refills here

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