Welcome to the Fire Spark Kit New Owner Page! | The Atomic Bear

Welcome to the Fire Spark Kit New Owner Page!

Congratulations for purchasing the Atomic Bear Fire Spark Kit! This little kit is packed with useful tools to carry with you whenever you need to make a fire. 

You can find a few helpful steps below that allow you to take the best advantage of your tool.

1 — Activate your lifetime warranty here: www.theatomicbear.com/lifetime.

2 — Watch a quick video below showing how to use this kit.

3 — Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell on a video to be notified when we release a new one.

4 — Hangout with us on Instagram just click here.

If you haven't already done so, make sure to activate your lifetime warranty by clicking here.

As part of our Commitment to you and your wilderness safety, we are giving you all these great bonuses absolutely free!

Bonus #1: Amazing webinar from Jessie Krebs (Free for you - $27 value)

You'll need to join our Academy (Free process) and then purchase Jessie's Webinar using this coupon code: JKFREE4ME

Using this link to get started - https://academy.theatomicbear.com/p/jessie-krebs-survival-skills

Bonus #2: E-Books that will make you a better outdoor person
  Book 1: 37 DIY Paracord Projects
  Book 2: 7 Essential Principles Leave No Trace
  Book 3: Survival MD (First Aid)
  Book 5: Backpacking checklist

Bonus #3: AllTrails App
  Website: https://www.alltrails.com
  Great guide and instructions video: https://youtu.be/H8lsGsHJsYo
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