IMPORTANT: This is a pre-order form to get the Guardian pen when it is released. Current release date: August 31st 2024.

We will make only 100 units of this pen in our first production. By pre-ordering your pen, you are guaranteed to get yours.

Made of the highest quality material: titanium. The clip is made of 304 stainless steel for durability and compatibility with our magnetic mount (to be launched soon). The glass breaker is made of the highest grade of tungsten carbide. The deploy mechanism is made of anti-abrasion POM for a frictionless ink activation feeling. No metal to metal friction.

The titanium is brushed to give a non shiny satin finish that makes the pen look like a piece of art.

The pen is seamless: no screw or line visible.

The guardian is designed for the best writing experience, uniquely shaped for comfort of writing.

Under this high precision machining craft, lies a terribly effective self-defense tool with grip retention in mind. This means that you can deliver strikes to shock an attacker.

The glass breaker is covered by a cap to concealed the sharp edge. The cap is textured to provide a good grip when in an emergency. This means that by keeping this pen on you, you have a way to exit a car in an accident. Or save a vulnerable person in distress left in the care during a hot day.

Because we care about training with your pen, we include a beautiful brass training head to replace the teeth on the writing tip.

Not TSA approved. Put inside a checked luggage is perfectly accepted. Many reports of people flying with the Guardian in their hand bag without any issue. The glass breaker part can be temporarily taken out to make it TSA friendly.

Ink cartridges: fits Parker type G2 ink cartridges and Fisher Space Ink Cartridges. Comes with a Schmidt 9000 EasyFlow ink cartridge for a smooth and even writing experience.

The Guardian is our best craft so far.

Patented under US law.