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By: Jean-François Truchon 21/11/2017
How to Organize Prepper Supplies

We’re not going to go all Martha Stewart on you here, but when it comes to the supplies you’ve hoarded, you need to find some semblance of organization. Prepper supplies are highly coveted, but if they’re a mess and you can’t readily get to them, you’re going to defeat the purpose of prepping in the first place.

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Here are some of the ways you can keep your supplies organized and ready to go.

Assess Your Storage Space

A big part of the organizing equation is determining your space. Some of you will have a closet, while others will have an underground bunker or basement. Maximize your space to make the most of it. If your storage is on the smaller side, you might have to integrate other parts of the home for supplies, but at the same time, take care not to accidentally use them for everyday purposes.

Decide how you can use space-efficient shelving and bins. You might need to install new shelves that allow for maximum storage. It’s an investment now that will pay off later.


Establishing a labeling system goes beyond knowing what’s in bins. Yes, you know where everything is, but others also need to be able to easily and quickly locate items as well. On your food bins, keep a log of expiration dates for what’s inside so you know when it’s time to replace the foods inside. Know where your medical supplies are, as well as your self-defense items, seeds for planting, and so on. Make sure that you set a date every few months to visually inspect what’s inside. Even if something isn’t expired, that doesn’t preclude it from spoiling or becoming damaged.

Where You Store Things Matters

Just because the closet in your hallway is the only space you have available doesn’t mean it’s the best spot there is. For one, if it’s located in an area that gets a lot of sunlight or is exposed to the humidity from your bathroom, you’re going to be in for an unpleasant surprise when you need your prepper supplies. If you must rearrange storage in your home to accommodate your items, do it. Find a cool, dark place where water and the elements won’t affect your storage, and where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much.

Make It Off-Limits

Make sure the others in your house know that the items you have stored aren’t available for any reason other than a big emergency. While it might be tempting to run down to the storage area to grab a few Tylenol after you’ve run out, you’re defeating the purpose of your prepper storage by using those supplies. Make the rule clear and enforce it.

Group Similar Items Together

Your system should be clearly divided into your bins and on shelves so that you know exactly where everything lives. Just tossing things wherever they fit isn’t feasible. Take the time to rearrange your layout if you must.

Prepping requires a lot of planning, thought, and tactical thinking. Make sure you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice by organizing your supplies.

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