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By: Jean-François Truchon 28/11/2017
How to Safely Break a Car Window

You might encounter times in your life when breaking a window is absolutely necessary. We don’t recommend breaking glass unless you’re in a situation where life needs to be saved. You could severely injure yourself or others, and this is the right way to go when there’s no easier option. Car windows and windshields are reinforced and built to shatter, which presents a unique challenge. Most objects aren’t the best tool for breaking a car window, so having a specialized instrument like our S.W.A.T. Pen or Tactical Pen Stealth Pen Pro handy is the easiest way to make sure you’re prepared for any situation.

At The Atomic Bear, we’ve got you covered. Our S.W.A.T. Pen is a multipurpose tactical tool that has a tip perfect for shattering glass safely and efficiently. It can also safely cut a seatbelt, write under a variety of conditions, and serve as a badass concealable self-defense weapon. And at $15.99, it’s affordable enough to stock them in your home, purse, on your person, and in your cars – pretty much everywhere you need to be. It’s rated #1 by close-combat trainers and is the only self-defense weapon you can carry anywhere.

Step #1: Safety First

If you’re on the outside of the car, prepared to save a child or pet whose been left inside, first assess the situation. Is there a place that is farther from the occupants that will minimize the risk of them being hit by the glass? If you can safely do so, move to the part of the car that’s farthest from them. Cover your hand with a jacket or leather glove to reduce your risk of being cut, and put on sunglasses or another form of eye protection just in case some of the shards fly back at you.

Step #2: Find Your Aim

The corner of the glass near the bottom is the weakest point and the best place to use your tool because then you won't need to apply much force to break a car window. If the entire glass doesn’t fall out, it’s the optimum spot for reaching a hand in to unlock the car door. The center of the window is the strongest part.

Easiest way to break a car window

The easiest way to break a car window

Step #3: Take Your Shot

Wrap your hand and take your swing. If you’re using one of our tactical pens, be sure you’re using the pointed side and not the pen. Blunt objects just won’t work, and you might be surprised to find that if you’re using a hammer or crowbar, the blunt sides of those won’t work, either. Make your swing with the claw side.

Step #4: Pull the Window Out

Windows have a protective film over them, so outside of the hole you’ve just made, the rest of it should stick together. Tinted windows will be especially tough to bust, but easier to remove in one piece. Gently pull the remaining piece out before reaching into the car.

Best tool for breaking car window

How to break a car window from inside

Any time you’re coming into contact with glass, safety is your number one priority. While tempered glass is designed to be safer than regular glass, it can still cause injuries, especially when you’re in a hurry.

At The Atomic Bear, tactical safety gear is our specialty. Whether you’re in law enforcement or are a first responder, or a civilian wanting to take extra precautions for safety, we’ve got you covered. Our tactical multi-tool is the best you can buy, and when it comes to self-defense items, our ballistic pen is unmatched. Buy the S.W.A.T. Pen today!

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