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By: Jean-François Truchon 14/11/2017
Self-Defense Items You Can Conceal and Carry

Besides the obvious choice of a handgun, there are several self-defense items you can conceal on your person in the event that you have to defend your life. Self-defense gear can be as obvious as a stun gun or as practical as a tactical pen.

The Atomic Bear wants you to be ready for anything. Our S.W.A.T. Pen is a pen, glass breaker, self-defense tool, and seatbelt cutter in one. It’s slim and easy to conceal in a pocket or purse (and just about anywhere else), and at the low price below $20, you can afford to keep them in multiple places.

Read on for some affordable and easy-to-conceal self-defense weapons.

Stun Gun

The stun gun, or taser, is a tool that’s easy to conceal in a pocket or bag but packs a huge wallop when used. Some are the size of a deck of cards, and others are a flashlight and taser in one, while others deploy prongs that shoot up to 20′ away. They hold a charge for a long time and can usually be recharged.

Pepper Spray

Like the stun gun, pepper spray (or mace) comes in a number of varieties. Some can be attached to a keychain, while others are the size of a can of hairspray. There are varieties that stain your assailant’s skin with either pigment or UV dye, others that turn to foam on contact, and others that are so oily they’re nearly impossible to remove quickly.


Knuckles have made a fashion statement in jewelry designs over the past few years, but we’re talking about a serious set of knuckles made from brass or a metal that’s not blinged out with gems is what you need. They’re easy to slip on and protect your hands while packing a serious punch. Some styles have spikes on them, but a basic set will do. And a word of advice: don’t tuck your thumb between your fingers!

Tactical Pen

Few things are more practical than a tactical pen. Yes, they can write in cold and upside down, and yes, they look great. But they also have a sharp tip that can be applied to your attacker’s pressure points or eyes to make them drop to their knees. In the event that you’re taken, that tip can punch a hole through glass, allowing you a swift getaway. Ours is priced perfectly at $14.

For your survival gear and self-defense needs, shop The Atomic Bear today.

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